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Ascanio Twenty - Six Rome
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Ascanio Twenty - Six Rome

The pick-up service from/to FCO and CIA airports and from/to Civitavecchia peer is available and the driver will take you directly to Ascanio TwentySix! We only need to know flight number, time, and airport .
Our prices (+€ 10,00 from h 21 to h 7)

1-2 pers. € 55,00 one way (round trip € 105,00)  
3-5 pers. € 75,00 one way (round trip € 135,00)  
6-8 pers. € 95,00 one way (round trip € 170,00)  

1-2 pers. € 50,00 one way (round trip € 95,00)  
3-5 pers. € 70,00 one way (round trip € 130,00)  
6-8 pers. € 85,00 one way (round trip € 150,00)  

1-2 pers. € 135,00 one way (round trip € 250,00)  
3-5 pers. € 160,00 one way (round trip € 305,00)  
6-8 pers. € 185,00 one way (round trip € 350,00)


All is handy for your stay!

Both of the apartments are located in the heart of Ancient Rome in Via Ascanio 26, a characteristic roman street that connects the renowned Via dellaScrofa and Piazza del Pantheon.

The central location of our ‘Charming Apartments’ means that you will be able to reach all the major tourist attractions in just a few minutes including: The Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, The Trevi Fountain, The Vatican, The Colosseum & The Roman Forum.
To help you discover the best of the Eternal City, we have created personalised itinerary included maps and illustrations which you will be able to consult in the apartment.
Should you require any help or assistance please do not hesistate to contact us via this email address we will be delighted to help!


If your choice for transfer from the airport is public transportation (it takes approximately 1h 30min) you have 3 options:

1) Every 20min. a TRAIN (FR1) is available from the airport (follow the
directions inside the airport) to Trastevere station (direction Fara Sabina, NO Termini Station, 8 €). Take off after 5 stop at Trastevere station and there take the tram n° 8 to the centre. At the terminal station (Largo di Torre Argentina), you can walk 10 minutes along Via di Torre Argentina, after Via della Rotonda (Pantheon), Via della Rosetta, turn left direction Piazza Rondanini, pass it and arrive in Piazza S.Luigi de’ Francesi and Via della Scrofa. Or take a bus from Torre Argentina (for example the n° 64; 70; 81; 87; 186; 492; 628) and take off after 2 stops at SENATO in Piazza delle 5 Lune. Then walk for 200 mt and reach Via d’Ascanio.

2) By BUS: € 8 one way, € 15 round trip (per person). The Piazza Cavour stop is close to Via d’Ascanio, 10min walking distance (along Via Ulpiano, through Umberto I bridge and Via dell’Orso, just beyond the bridge).

3) It is also available a TRAIN from the airport to Termini Station (€ 14,00): the Leonardo Express. From Termini Station (take the main, frontal exit) you can take 2 different buses from the terminal station (box E or F) (euro 1): the bus n°40 express or the n° 64 (€ 1). Take off at TORRE ARGENTINA stop, and then you can walk 10 minutes just to St. Luigi de’Francesi and Via d’Ascanio; or take a bus n° 70; 81; 87; 186; 492; 628. Take off after 2 stops, SENATO in Piazza delle 5 Lune. Then walk for 200 mt and reach Via d’Ascanio. 8


If your choice for transfer from the airport is public transportation (it takes approximately 2h), we suggest to take a bus (COTRAL, don’t forget to buy the ticket before to be on-board, there are the automatically machines. We hope they are working on!) available every hour or half hour from the airport to ANAGNINA (or take-off at Ciampino station and take the train to Termini station). ANAGNINA is the terminal station of our little underground, line A. Buy another ticket, take the train direction BATTISTINI and take off at BARBERINI. Take the bus n.116 (the little one) from TRITONE/BARBERINI stop and take off at RINASCIMENTO stop. Then walk for 200 mt and reach Via d’Ascanio. Otherwise from CIA airport take a bus until Termini Station.

Ascanio Twenty - Six Rome

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